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The lessons and resources found on this website will help facilitate student learning about Skills for Success and Labour Market Information (LMI) and their importance in helping them plan for their futures. To learn more about what teachers and students have to say about the importance of skill development in school, watch the Skills for Success Secondary Education video. The lesson plans have been designed to align with curriculum outcomes for career-related courses delivered in each of the four Atlantic Provinces. A summary of these outcomes has been provided. Teachers will note in reviewing the lesson plans that they have been developed to support learning associated with multiple outcomes. While the lesson plans are not sequential, understanding and knowledge acquired from some of the experiences will provide students with the foundation to strengthen their learning in other lessons.


Learning about Skills for Success and LMI and skill development can be enhanced when there is a multidisciplinary approach to the delivery of these lessons. These lessons can be delivered across multiple curricula throughout the school year (beyond Atlantic Canada Career Week) to help prepare students for their roles as citizens and future employees.

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