LMI Terminology

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Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about jobs and the people who do those jobs. 

As young people prepare for entry into the workforce or are at the initial stage of considering what their future careers could look like, it is important for them to analyze Labour Market Information and investigate reliable resources to help them make informed career decisions. It is also important to anticipate the skills that will be needed in different jobs. This will help them succeed and progress in those jobs and to transition to new career opportunities as they evolve or become available. 


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How can LMI benefit you in your career exploration?

  • LMI can tell you about jobs that are available right now and ones that may be available in the future.
  • LMI can provide you with information about the expertise, skills and education or training expected to enter that field.
  • LMI can be used to help you reflect on your interests and the skills you have and how they can be applied in the job market. 
  • LMI can help you identify important skills you may need to develop so that you can achieve your career goals. 


To help job seekers understand the many factors that can influence the labour market, it is important to break down the terms and language often found in sources that provide Labour Market Information. Refer LMI Terminology infographic to learn more. 



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