LMI sounds like a complex term. There’s a misconception that LMI is all about supply and demand, data analysis, interpretation of graphs, etc.

Quite simply, ‘LMI is information about jobs and people who do those jobs.’

  • Working conditions - Monday-Friday, shift work, indoor/outdoor, seasonal, part-time/full-time, typical day, duties, etc.
  • Educational Requirements- High School, college diploma, degree, work experience
  • Education costs - How much does the program cost? What salary can they expect to earn? And will the cost of education be repayable with the earning potential they will have with the education? 
  • Job openings.


New Brunswick Post-Secondary Resources

Post Secondary campuses across New Brunswick offer a range of supports for students as they prepare to enter the labour market.  It is never too early to access the services available to you; whether you are in first year or your final year of studies, counsellors at career advising offices (name may differ based on campus) can assist you in exploring opportunities and guide you through the career planning process. 


Future Wabanaki | Avenir NB | Future NB helps to connect students with New Brunswick employers year round. This includes accessing valuable hands-on experiential learning opportunities aimed at supporting provincial employers fill their labour market gaps while providing students with meaningful work experiences before they graduate.


NBjobs.ca and WorkingNB

  • NBjobs.ca is a website designed to help people navigate the province’s complex job market and make better informed career decisions. While its most used function is the online job board, the site has evolved as a labour market information (LMI) platform, through the addition of career planning tools, labour force reports and other resources. NBjobs.ca is a one-stop shop for LMI.
  • WorkingNB.ca is the website for the WorkingNB branch of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. It is designed to provide job seekers and employers with a snapshot of the services offered by WorkingNB as well as offering a quick and easy way to contact WorkingNB staff by using Live Chat, phone, or email. Working NB has offices located throughout New Brunswick


NBJobs.ca offers a Career Education Toolkit that consists of career development resources that can be used by students, educators or job seekers during the career exploration and planning process. When you explore this site, you will be able to access valuable information related to:

NBjobs.ca is a valuable resource for accessing information on occupation profiles and labour market trends. These can benefit students in learning specific details about careers and job opportunities.  



Click on your province to be taken directly to the provincial website for Labour Market Information. To access federal Labour Market Information found on the Government of Canada website, click here.