Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where we dive into the tools and strategies that will not only help you harness your unique skills but also pave the way for a successful and fulfilling future. In this video, we'll delve into the essential components of nurturing your overall well-being with the knowledge you need to conquer challenges and embrace the incredible opportunities that lie ahead. Let's go!



Young Atlantic Canadian workers deserve to have a bright future and confidence in their post-secondary decisions.

The toolkit includes helpful information and an interactive quiz designed to help students, young workers and career seekers unravel what well-being means to them. Once complete, a personal checklist will populate. The results act as a lens or filter when:

  • Making a career selection
  • Evaluating whether or not to stay at a job you have
  • Identifying changes that may be needed
  • Searching for a job
  • Preparing for an interview


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“Your Skills, Your Success, Your Well-Being" paints a broader picture for career discussions and decisions. No one truly knows the path one's career will take, but making those initial choices about what meets the needs of your well-being will give you confidence in your decision-making. 

Atlantic Canadian youth entering the workforce have socio-emotional needs such as:

  • developing positive relationships with colleagues and supervisors
  • feeling valued and supported
  • having a sense of belonging and purpose
  • managing stress and emotions
  • and building self-confidence and resilience

These needs can be met through mentorship, training and development opportunities, regular feedback and recognition, and creating a positive and inclusive work environment.  

Well-being is holistic, so let's talk! Hear what Atlantic Canadians are saying about achieving skills and success while prioritizing all aspects of well-being and advice on tapping into valuable resources and strategies:


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The Skills For Success research report states that “workers need resilience, adaptability, planning and organization, stress management, and openness to learning to successfully navigate and advance in the labour market.” (McKinsey Global Institute, 2018; RBC, 2018; Urban & Johal, 2020; World Economic Forum, 2018).

The post-pandemic workforce will require youth to understand the importance of managing their well-being at work, and in their personal lives, as they make career decisions and prepare for entry into the labour market.

Career development has an impact on mental health, and vice-versa. Students making career decisions from a positive mental health outlook will have a better collective experience throughout the advancement of their careers. “Your Skills, Your Success, Your Well-Being” shines a light on the social and emotional well-being of Atlantic Canadian youth entering the workforce, and instills confidence in the decision-making process that extends beyond skills, opportunities, and financial outcomes.

The pandemic has accelerated change in many industries and caused others to come to a standstill. The recent instability of the economy and the pandemic's impact on mental health has placed a strain on workers as well as employers. The ability to recognize and fulfil these socio-emotional needs is essential for the positive well-being of all Atlantic Canadians.

If workers find a sense of purpose and satisfaction in their work, it is much more likely they will excel in their career development. They are more likely to communicate their needs, be organized in order to achieve their goals, manage their stress, and advance in their career.

Additional resources can be found in the resource sections of each of the website pages for Skills for Success, The Basics of LMI, Families, Secondary Education and Post-Secondary Education.

Whether you’re just starting to think about your future, or you’ve made decisions and are about to enter the workforce; your personal Well-being Career Quiz Checklist will help you with your next steps. Use it as a way to uplevel your choices and guide your job search.


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For young Atlantic Canadians engaging in early career exploration, here are some resources:


For young Atlantic Canadian post-secondary graduates entering the workforce, here are some resources for your success and well-being as you begin the next level of your career development:

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Canadian Mental Health Association NS
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Canadian Mental Health Association NFLD
Canadian Mental Health Association
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